Ryan Cook


The craziest place on Tumblr, from rants to ravings to insanity to lollipops, if you aren't here, you're missing out.

I will post everything from poppies & rainbows to sex & violence, basically anything I deem appropriate to share to the world.

A bit about myself, I'm 18, i live in Scotland, i'm currently at uni, I write articles for journals/magazines part-time and I enjoy clubbing/partying/football/wrestling/UFC, you name it, I've got it down.

If you wanna follow, please do, but I'm not going to obsessively stalk you for unfollowing my page, everyone has their own opinion. I don't do that "follow for follow" garbage either, I follow pages I'm genuinely interested in, and would like everyone else to do the same.

Basically on this blog, expect crazy ass images of everything random, expect lots of hilarious images/memes, the occasional inspirational quote, and of course, lots of awesomeness.

Any questions or requests? Feel free to ask away.